How to layout your posters

Hello, I am Saniya. You may have come to this site to learn how to begin decorating your room with posters. Don’t worry if you have never done it before and have no idea how to do it; I will go through it step by step.

I had gotten this idea through my friends one day. They had come over when I had just finished decorating my wall with a new set of posters.

They asked me how I managed to make the posters look so good and how I knew how to place them to make them look and make the whole wall look cohesive.

That’s when I realised that I had, over time, learned some things that made me able to do so. 

(This is an example of what a general set of my posters looks like.)

Now, let me get into the things you should take note of to make your wall look beautiful with posters:

I believe the posters on your wall are basically a representation of your personality and the things you like. So firstly, I believe you should choose posters that you genuinely like and not focus on the overall aesthetics of the room. That will come together. Of course, you can choose the posters to be of your favourite group of colours but don’t limit any options solely due to aesthetics.

I usually get my posters from Pinterest as it has aesthetic posters and a large variety of options of literally any type or style of posters.

Once you have decided what posters you like, print them in a variety of sizes this is one way to make the posters look versatile and give it an exciting look. 

Second I suggest you look for posters or images in which you can get cutouts. For example, if there is a poster of a balloon dog or lips (shown below) use them as fillers for the gaps between posters to give the overall layout some dimension.


( These are examples of how you can fill in gaps with cutouts to give a more overall finished look )

Thirdly, you should divide your posters into their major colours. Put the red posters in one stack, the yellow ones in another, etc. 

After this process, you are ready to make the layout, which you can then transfer onto your wall. I strongly suggest that you lay out all your posters on a table or the floor to decide where to put what. This will make it easier for you to paste it onto your wall without needing to keep re-adjusting it

During the layout, try to put the colours in a way that they can look cohesive. For example, you put up all your blue posters, and you have a poster that has a blue and pink elements in it. You can use that posters in between your set of blue and pink posters to give a more cohesive look.

By doing so, your posters will look neat and cohesive. Lastly, at any empty spots, go ahead and place your cutouts to finish your look 

And there you have it. Your newly decorated wall gives life to the room and represents you! I hope this was helpful. Let me know how your walls look so I can see the different types of beautiful works done and help you out if you need them. If you have some advice you would like to share let me know on either Pinterest or substack so I can add on into the next article.

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